Selling People is a leading Marketing Automation Agency

We help companies  with their sales and marketing processes. Using a combination of inbound and outbound marketing, the latest marketing automation technology and top quality people; we help companies reduce the cost of customer acquisition, increase the speed and efficiency of marketing processes, to close more and larger deals

Selling People's heritage over 10 years has been strongly in sales and we have helped many companies, particularly start ups and technology companies enter markets in Europe. 

Our background was sales and we understand this part of the process particularly well, as a marketing agency this really helps us understand what the sharp end of the company really needs. We understand the pain of sales reps receiving streams of poor quality leads, we understand the needs of the CMO, CFO and CEO in seeking tangible results and clear reporting and ROI, from marketing. 


What we do to grow your business

LAMP Overview

We help companies  with demand generation, lead generation & opportunity management.

We do this with a combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques. 

Attracting demand means being found and using fresh and engaging content to attract interest, as well as SEO techniques.

We promote the content widely using a combination of SEO, blog, social media and email marketing

We then need to convert website visitors to leads, via optimised registration on landing pages. 

Nurture leads using triggered campaigns and relate the content to the buying persona and place in their buying cycle

We then use lead scoring and qualification techniques, some using humans(!) to work out the best leads and move these down our sales funnel.

We then help you close these sales opportunities into business, by managing the contact and nurturing, if necessary.

Once you have a customer, make sure you service and on-board them correctly, and they may become that internet rarity, a product evangelist. 

How we do it

At the heart of what we do is people,  technology and content. 

Our people know and live marketing and sales and have many years of experience, predominantly in B2B marketing, both for SMEs and enterprise. They are experienced in marketing, tech and business savvy and work in disciplines from content writing, SEO through to implementing campaign in technology, and let's not forget the experienced consulting element. 

We evaluate and work with the leading technologies in the CRM, Email and Marketing Automation spaces. We are experts in improving the performance of these systems, or implementing them in a cost efficient and painless manner. 

Attracting demand and lead generation depend on content and we help you plan out your content strategy, utilise and re-purpose what you already have and use our team of content writers to supplement


Outbound Marketing - take the message to the prospect

Content telling your story and the stories in your industry should be attractive to your prospects, so let's tell them about it! Use a combination of techniques from email and tele-marketing to webinars and trade shows. 

  1. Email

  2. Pay Per Click (AdWords) 

  3. Banner adverts

  4. Tele-marketing

  5. Newsletters

  6. Webinars and events


Inbound Marketing - let them find you, the perfect blend

Inbound marketing is essentially the use of content to attract attention to your story. Rather than interrupting the prospects day with an email of phone call, we ensure that he finds us, when he's searching for something. 

Something like 70-80% of all purchases start with an online search, so its crucial to be found. Whilst SEO is a key part of this the product of a steady stream of content is required.

  1. Expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Creative blogging

  3. Social media distribution

  4. Forums and groups

  5. Whitepapers, e-books, images, slideshows and videos


Content marketing - relate to the buyer's journey


This content needs to tell your story, but the story needs to relate to where each individual buyer is in their buying cycle. We also need to relate the content to the buyer personas, or more simply job function! Content marketing means people find us and good quality content is a t the heart of this strategy. 

We can match the buying cycle broadly to the sales cycle and often we refer to the buying stages as top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel! Content can take many forms. Most times with a client you will already have some of this content and we need to refresh and re-purpose it, sometime we will jointly need to create new, fresh engaging content. 

  1. Blog posts

  2. Web pages

  3. Slideshows

  4. Videos & images

  5. Whitepapers and e-books

  6. Podcasts

  7. Info-graphics


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation covers a broad range of functionality, recognising that todays; market with multiple channels and touch points, and the expectations of buyers means that the workload for marketers is unprecedented. Automation is one way to gain control of your marketing processes and provide better communications and services to prospects and customers alike. 

  1. Integrated CRM - one 360 degree view of the data
  2. Triggers and email streams - make campaigns timely and relevant
  3. Social media publishing - gain intelligence and wider sharing
  4. Lead scoring- qualify and focus on top quality leads
  5. Content management - manage and track popular content
  6. 360 degree view of contacts and all interactions and data - no data duplication or  transfers
  7. Lead nurturing campaigns - maintain relationships efficiently
  8. Integrated sales components - with definitions of leads, ensure sales and marketing alignment
  9. Reporting and analytics - closed loop marketing, understand what works, what doesn't, and your ROI



LAMP-360: marketing automation made simple...

  In the simplest terms to use the LAMP process, you need:
Content: the reason prospects want to talk to you, your message and thought leadership 
Contacts: email data, behaviour history and social media contacts to distribute your messages to
Connect: connect human interaction blended into the mix to build proper relationships 
Convert: convert the interactions into leads to work on by internal / external sales
Close: close the business using sales and opportunity management and best practice lead definitions ensuring sales and marketing alignme


We work with multiple products in the marketing automation space including Microsoft, Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot to name but four. However, our preferred tool is LAMP-360, which for the SME provides a cost effective, fully functional solution. 

LAMP Functionality

In the cloud - cost effective, no upfront investment

Pay per click pricing - novel subscription model where you pay for results, traditional pricing available if required

Easy to understand and use - guides and wizards provided to help you get going with your new marketing and lead generation strategy

Content based marketing - create, input and manage the content in the form of whitepapers, videos, case studies

Sales process and buying process - we often think of prospects in term of the sales cycle and their grading, sales status or qualification. However, LAMP also takes account of the purchasers and where they are in their buyer's journey along what we call the Awareness Cycle

Inbound and outbound marketing - including the integration of intelligent tele-marketing

Sales optimization - manage sales and tele-sales from leads to opportunities, with organized workflows for efficient operation

Manage complex sales - handle multiple independent relationships with the same unique contact record - avoids duplicates and on-going data maintenance as far as possible

Compliance - ensure you adhere to best practice, standards and legal requirements

Project management - comprehensive Project and Campaign set up and management including resourcing and timesheet management

Agency version - allows multiple relationships with the same prospect, manage landscaping data and intelligence in contacts


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